19 de febrero de 2012

The last one...

This morning, in about five hours, I will be running my last race as "senior". Tomorrow I will be 35 years old. Destiny wants that this last race is the Spanish Cross Championship, my first (and probably last...) time in a race like this.

I am very nervous, excited and happy. I just want to enjoy this event with my friends and become it a great experience.


4 de febrero de 2012

Looking for a coming back

Tomorrow morning. Long run. 90 minutes.
Monday. Slow run. 40 minutes.
Tuesday. I will try some intervals. 6x1000 (90 sec recovery).
Wednesday. 60 minutes. Body rules.
Thursday. 60 minutes. Again. Body rules.
Friday. Slow run. 40 minutes.
Satuday. Rest day.
Sunday. Cross de Lorca. It's gonna be the coming back. Be aware of me.