13 de enero de 2012

Too much time

I don't really know what happens... but it is already happening. I ran the marathon one month ago and I haven't writen the cronicle. And I think I will never do... The point is that my last marathon, Castellon Marathon, showed me more than I ever realized in any of my previous marathons. I spent almost one year injured. I didn't konw how my body would answer to my mind in a race like that. And every little (and big) thing that I felt in that marathon was special and unexpected.

In the race I suffered more than I ever did in a marathon. At the end I had to go to the medical cabin to recover myself from the effort. But thirty minutes later I was on the podium along with my teammates sharing and enjoying our third place in the Spanish Teams Marathon Championship. And, of course, receiving a trophy. That was for sure one of the best moments in my entire life. That was the consequence of the great job we are doing in the club.

And now I remember the begining of the post and... it's true, something is already happening. Something is changing. Let's see where does it drive us.

Cheers !!

3 comentarios:

  1. Es que lo curraste un montón y lo merecías campeón.

  2. Too much feelings to write them down.
    I hope you remember everything to tell me next time.
    See U

  3. Es verdad, no has hecho crónica ni ná, te estás volviendo un vaguete jejejeje. Sufrir sufrimos todos, y si lo del podium siempre reconforta, y como bien dices, un buen momento. Pero agua pasada no mueve molino, tenemos ke seguir para conseguir nuevos retos este año. Un saludo y nos vemos mañana a las 19.00 o´clock jejejeje.