27 de enero de 2012

Twenty five

Next Sunday at 10 AM in Almería. It is gonna be the 25th.

The first one was in Murcia in 2007. The last one in Lorca in 2011. Between them another 22 and I hope I will be finishing another one this January 29th.

The fastest one was in Murcia in 2010. The slowest one in Almansa in 2009. A couple of times under 80 minutes. I wish I can do it again in a couple of days.

The toughest one I have run -in my opinion- Almansa. Despite of that fact I've been there four times... In the other side, flat and fast, more than any other I have run, probably Murcia.

Marathon is my favourite distance, but being honest, half marathon is the distance I best run. I am very excited about the idea of running this Sunday my 25th "half". And Almería is a great place to do that. In addition a lot of good friends and teammates will also be there running in the streets of Almería, so I think at least we will spend a funny sport day.

But before the race, tomorrow Saturday, I will try to prepare my mind and let my body rest for the challenge. The best of luck to evertybody.

Cheers !!

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  1. lo haces para joder.preparate que de Almeria te vienes andando.good luck my friend.see you later.